Today’s Real Estate Buyers

Today’s buyers are young, multicultural, tech-savvy, and eager to buy a home as a personal investment, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Here are a few key themes that emerged from NAR’s annual survey of recent home buyers.

  1. Buyers      prefer their own agents. The internet hasn’t replaced real estate      professionals. Eighty-nine percent of buyers say they hired their own      agent to purchase a home.
  2. Ages and      unmarried buyers are on the rise. Young adults ages 25 to 34 make up a quarter of all      home buyers, the largest share. Meanwhile, first-time buyers are getting      older: The median age rose to 33—the highest on record per the NAR. The      median age of first-time buyers in 1981 was 29. While most people who buy      together still wait for marriage, unmarried buyers make up a growing share      of the market, 9% compared with 8% a year ago. Married buyers made up 61%      of the market. That’s down from 73% in 1981. Single female buyers made up      17% of the market, while the share of single male buyers was 9%.
  3. Saving for a      down payment. More than a quarter of buyers—28%—say they delayed      their home purchase because of debt. The median amount of time homeowners      spent saving for a down payment was four years, according to NAR’s survey.      Many buyers cited saving for a down payment as the most difficult step in      the homebuying process, indicating that student loans, credit card debt,      and car loans diminished their purchasing power. The median down payment      on a home purchase is 12% for all buyers. Broken out, the median down      payment is 6% for first-time buyers and 16% for repeat buyers, according      the report.

Todd Probasco is the Vice President of Mortgage Lending at Lakeside Bank. He can be reached at 708.205.2983 or Today.

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