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Todd Probasco

Divorce Mortgage Professional

Divorce Mortgage Chicago

Even though we are based in Chicago area we are helping clients nationwide with their mortgage during a divorce.  I have years of working with divorcing clients and some of the most respected divorce attorneys in the business. Taking the time to listen to my clients on their specific situation is what we do. Dealing with a divorce can be stressful, but having an experienced professional in your corner makes all the difference in the world.

Divorce Mortgage & Real Estate Team

A divorce real estate transaction requires having a great team in place. I have a network of experienced realtors, attorneys, inspectors, insurance agents, appraisers and title companies. Our team can help both parties with buying, selling and financing real estate during a divorce.

Calculating Your Property Value

Usually during a divorce the value of the property needs to be determined. Our licensed appraisers will evaluate the value of  your property and submit the appraisal report to appropriate parties.

Free, Confidential Divorce Mortgage & Real Estate Consultation

Reach out today for  free, confidential discussion about you mortgage and real estate transaction.  Contact Todd Probasco at 708.205.2983 or email t.probasco@lakesidebank.com

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